Guest Agreement

Published on Tuesday, 6th March 2018 - 6:56AM03/06/2018

You may download and print a copy of the Guest Agreement (below)  in advance of your stay here: 

  s/v Chaton Mouille'

 Yacht Guest Agreement

( please print )

Responsible Guest / Party Name: __________________________________ Date __________

Contact phone number ____________________________________________

Contact email ____________________________________________

This agreement is between the Guest named above and marinemotion®, inc.(MM) regarding staying aboard s/v Chaton Mouille’, and this guest is responsible for anyone else in their party (listed below) to abide by the rules and guidelines listed here.

The Guest has read, understands and promises to abide by the following rules:

Charterer agrees to be fully responsible for all furnished equipment aboard the vessel.

 Guest is responsible for repair or replacement of any equipment furnishings or systems aboard damaged or impaired due to their negligence.

On the Dock

Check-in is at 4pm on the first afternoon of the your booking

Check-out is 11am on the last day of your booking.

Please Check-in at our office. Read and understand our rules and guidelines & pay for any additional planned charges ( we can process most credit cards and paypal)

Parking is provided at our office at 559 Thames St (2nd floor South Stairs) in Newport, RI.

Wear clothes appropriate for the season as well as sport shoes and sunscreen. NO black soled or scuffing shoes, or high heels please. We recommend bare feet when appropriate, or deck shoes.

Your host will meet you at the boat for a review of all the ships systems that you need to be familiar with for a comfortable stay.

  • Key
  • Access
  • Lights
  • Music system and speaker controls
  • TV with remote (content via your hotspot)
  • Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heads (toilets) and Showers
  • Hatches
  • AC power outlets
  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation

The navigation master cabin companionway is the owner’s area. Please leave the cabinets closed. 

The Bimini is to remain up at all times.

  • NO sailing gear is to be removed or used for any purpose.
  • NO open flames.
  • NO smoking anywhere on the boat.

PLEASE use a towel between your suntan lotions and the decks (slippery decks break necks!)

Please use tablecloths provided on the teak tables as they still need to be varnished and they will stain.

Air conditioning is reasonable, but doesn’t cool the main salon too well on really hot days. Open the main hatch to vent the hot air. Please be aware to close all hatches when it rains or when leaving the boat.

There is a noise ordinance in Newport that starts at 10pm. Please limit your volume as appropriate.

Additional visitors not logged on this agreement must be approved by your host. ( We have a limit on number of people that we can have aboard).

Events aboard Chaton are not authorized.

HEADS: We use biodegradable toilet paper made for our systems. Please be sure that only the toilet paper provided goes through the heads. All feminine hygiene products and other trash needs to go into the provide trash bins.


TRASH: While we will provide a final cleaning for the boat, you are responsible for removing all trash generated during your stay. Trash bags aboard and dumpsters are at the top of the parking lot for the dock.

Chaton is located on a working dock. Be prepared for activity around the boat at all times.

Lost and Found: If we find anything left behind after your stay we’ll recover it and keep it at our office for up to 30 days, and email you about our ‘find’. We can ship it to you with appropriate charges.

It's a working boat! Sometimes systems fail and we need to call in reinforcements to get things running properly. If you run into trouble on board, we have a crew on call to get things up and running again. Please contact our host or office as soon as possible with questions or issues.

Under Sail

All sailing and use of the boat underway is at the pleasure of the owner. Even with a confirmed intent to take you sailing, any weather, crew or equipment issues can be cause for cancellation of a commitment to get underway.

The boat will not get underway without a qualified operator ( as approved by the owner), and it is understood that anyone aboard must follow the directions of that operator. The operator will also have a qualified crew person aboard to assist with docking and other sailing operations.

Everyone will have access to and be made aware of lifejackets and safety gear.

Sailing is usually gentle, relaxing and fun. Sometimes mother nature does not cooperate. Be prepared for inclement weather. If you are subject to nausea, please bring your choice of medications with you. MM will not dispense any medication on behalf of a guest, due to liability issues.

Remember when at sea… one hand for you and one hand for the boat! Always plan on a good handhold when moving about the boat.

Most of all, we want you to have fun and enjoy Chaton!

Please list all people you included in your party on the attached page.

Agreed and accepted by



Approved for marinemotion Inc by __________________ (initial)

Capt. Joe of Catamaran Sailing Charters - BVI and New England

USCG Captain - 100 Ton Coastal w/ Sailing and Towing Endorsements