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Published on Wednesday, 11th April 2018 - 5:03PM04/11/2018

Sailing from Newport to Block Island depending on wind direction is a generous sail. The charter host will meet with the staff to go over provisions and meal planning on prior departure day  morning. Galley duty is rotated, and food is not included in the charter price. Charter guest are responsible for feeding the captain and crew. Then we get our provisions and get settled in the boat. The same afternoon the Captain will go over ships rules, general information and safety equipment with the guests. Friday morning we set sail at the Captains request. This is a hands on boat and everyone is invited to try their hand at sailing. 

Once safely anchored in Block Island let the activities begin. Depending on when you book your trip be assured there is always plenty to do. We will provide you prior to your trip with an attentive itinerary of activities happening on the Island and what toys that will be available for use, some fees might apply. Although Chaton Mouille` is equipped with a dinghy getting everyone to shore (if on a mooring or anchored) would take several trips. We generally rely on Old Port Shuttle to take us back and forth it is a nominal fee and always on time. If planning a late night be sure to check with the launch drivers, this is not a 24 hour service. Know when their last pick up will be from shore. We don't have a curfew but it is up to the guest to make it back onboard unless prearrangements have been made with the captain for pick up.


Day 1 Prior departure morning-

Meal meeting and provisioning the boat

Guest settled in, personnel items stowed

Captains meeting

Day 2 set sail-

Sail from Newport to Block Island. (25nm)

Arrive in BI get safely anchored, moored or docked


Head to shore, enjoy water activities, or just chill and enjoy the sun and water toys


Enjoy the evening on shore or aboard (up to guest)

Day 3-


Explore the Island or whatever activities the guest has planned


Afternoon activities


Evening activities as guest planned 

Day 4-


Lunch-depending on departure time

We will set sail back to Newport On Sunday afternoon, departure time is up to the Captain. 

*** Remember….when at check out the yacht it must be clean, all inventory in its place, and the guest with their food and belongings removed from the yacht.

Some dates and activities to consider when booking your Block Island getaway:

Restaurant Week June 10-16- Always a favorite for foodies and anyone who loves to eat, this is the week when Block Island chefs and restaurateurs throughout the island tempt you with their freshest ingredients and finest recipes. Set your appetite dial for the week of June 11 and be sure to make advance reservations at your restaurants of choice! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Block Island Music Festival June 12-17- Maybe it’s that fact that we’re surrounded by waves that gives this island so much rhythm. If sun, sand and surf define our days, it’s music that makes our nights. The festival website calls it “a six-day long musical gumbo where festival goers sample music performed by the most talented, ‘undiscovered’ artists currently making music in the northeast.” As always, Captain Nick’s is the place, admission is free, and it’s strictly an age 21+ event from 9pm on. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Independence Day Celebrations July 2-4- Without a doubt, Independence Day week is always one of the biggest summer weeks on Block Island and everywhere else in America! One of the best things about spending it here is that you can see the fireworks from just about anywhere on the island. And don’t miss the annual parade — this year’s theme is "Memories" — and post-parade Steak Fry at the Fire Barn, benefitting the Block Island Fire Department.

Blues on the Block, 7/11, 7/25, 8/1, 8/15- More music to make mid-week special! Mid-summer Wednesdays mean Blues on the Block, when all you have to do is bring a beach chair or blanket and listen to free Blues at the beach. It’s another Block Island tradition.

Independence Day

If you’re more of a serenity-and-solitude type, we’ll let you in on the quieter weeks of the summer, when it’s easier to get reservations for restaurants and, frankly, just easier to get everywhere you want to go on the island. The week right after Independence Day is generally the quietest week in July as the hordes of July 4 revelers have headed home and back to the workaday world. And the last week in August is just about heaven on earth here. Everything’s open, the water is at its warmest all summer, families with school-age children have traded in beaches for back-to-school activities.

Whenever you decide to take the trip to Block Island, keep in mind there’s always something to do and see, even if your favorite thing to do is nothing at all! You can always find out what’s up by checking out the Calendar of Events HERE.

Block Island Weekend Prices-

This package is up to 6 charter guest it's up to our Primary guest if you want a quiet weekend away as a couple, individual or a group. The price also includes a Captain and crew member to ensure your trip is a comfortable and enjoyable stay. This is a 3 night 4 day trip (longer stays are available) gas and water are also included in the price. Be sure to pack light as we also provide towels, linens, hair drier, shampoo, conditioner & body soap.

*Provisions not included

*It is customary to tip Captain and crew

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Capt. Joe of Catamaran Sailing Charters - BVI and New England

USCG Captain - 100 Ton Coastal w/ Sailing and Towing Endorsements