Spacious and Speedy

Published on Monday, 28th January 2019 - 12:31AM01/28/2019

Spacious & Speedy

So you're sailing a 5 bedroom house at 8 knots, stable, safe, & level and putting all those monohulls laying on their side to shame at the same time. Cool.

We've been monohull sailors for a lifetime, but the expression "Once you go cat, you never go back" seems to have some merit. Not to be confused with a Volvo 60 heading into the wind, Chaton wants to crack off on the reaches and power through just about anything in comfort and ease; yet you still feel the 'sailboat' beneath you. She's responsive and easy to steer, and made to go to sea. The Privilege line was designed as an offshore cruiser meant to take you from continent to continent, in comfort and ease.

Chaton's interior makes it easy for a whole crew to collect for fun, food and games, and easy to find private space to relax and listen to the water flowing past her hull. We've been in 30 knots breezes on deck only to find a serene environment below. 

Capt. Joe of Catamaran Sailing Charters - BVI and New England

USCG Captain - 100 Ton Coastal w/ Sailing and Towing Endorsements